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Monday, July 27, 2009


I think as members of the church, sometimes we forget that the temple is not just for doing vicarious work for the dead, or for sealing together families for eternity, but is also for US. By attending the temple regularly, we bring into our lives a greater measure of peace, understanding, revelation, and capability to accomplish the things we are intended to accomplish here on Earth. In this month's Ensign, we read:

"Other blessings come as well. The temple is the Lord's university. When I go there I always learn something new. I learn something important for my eternal progression. I learn something about how I can live my life better, how I can solve problems, and how I can serve more unselfishly. I can receive direction and insight into my life because the temple is a place of personal revelation."

"The temple is also a place of peace, comfort, strength, and power. Whenever we are in the temple, we feel renewed. The temple helps us face life's challenges with more faith and trust in the Lord" (Cheryl C. Lant, "The Steps to the Temple," Ensign, August 2009, 23).

As I deal with my daily struggles, I need to remember that I can draw power from regular temple attendance. I often forget this. I will recommit myself today to return to the temple: the Lord's University, and learn.


Sandi said...

I, too, need to attend the temple more regularly. Thank you SO much for this reminder! I've been on vacation for the last couple weeks and will be until next week, so I am reading your blog, just not as regularly as I'd like to! Thank you so much for the pick-me-ups!! You're awesome!