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Monday, July 6, 2009


Thoughts About the Scriptures:

"You can't cram for the final exam--we must be reading the scriptures every day" (Brother Wilsinger, Weber Stake Conference, November 1998).

"The pearls are scattered throughout the scriptures. . . one must dig to find the precious nuggets" (Boyd K. Packer, source unknown).

"Nothing compares to the Book of Mormon, not even doctrinal books by church leaders. . . I pray that the Lord will grant us entrance into them, and when we enter therein, we will realize that we stand on holy ground" (Boyd K. Packer, source unknown).

"The Book of Mormon is a mansion. There are garden towers, turrets, secret hallways and passages. . . many rooms I have yet to enter. . . There are grand libraries and sumptuous banquet tables. . . Let us not behave as tourists and scarcely go beyond the banquet hall. We must strive to enter all the rooms of the mansion" (Neal A. Maxwell, source unknown).


Emily said...

Wow. I love that quote by Elder Maxwell. That is really humbling. I need to do better in my scripture study. Thanks for posting this!