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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Day 9: Describe your dream home

Ok. I should probably say something noble like "I just love the home I'm in now. I could be satisfied to live here forever and ever. I am so very blessed." While I do like my home, and do feel very blessed to have it, I have a secret yearning to move into a fabulous craftsman bungalow or an amazing Victorian charmer. I LOVE the character of an older home. (Since we're just dreaming here, we'll assume that this dream older home would have no electrical or plumbing issues...)

I love all the millwork you see in old homes, as well as architectural details like stained glass windows, built in bookcases and window seats, tin ceilings, laundry chutes, archways, crown moulding, etc. etc. etc. Ahhh. A girl can dream, right?


Juli said...

I LOVE the top one!! Okay, I love both...but the top is my favorite of the two. :) My dream home would be free of bugs and spiders.

K Walton said...

I think the top is my favorite too. Definitely no bugs of any kind allowed in my dream house!