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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight undoubtedly has asked at least once: "Why does it take so long? Why can't I see the results I desire NOW?"

I think in my struggle that's where I am right now. I've lost almost 15 pounds, but no one really notices it, and now that my body is regulating, it requires more of an effort than ever before. Quite honestly, I'm frustrated. I'm discouraged, though I know that I shouldn't be. So today during my morning prayers, I asked my Heavenly Father to bless me with reassurance that I CAN do this: that I have the capability to continue trying, even if I have to lose forty more pounds before anyone else notices a change in my appearance and even more to reach my ultimate goal. As I opened my scriptures, I felt prompted to turn to Psalms 27. Imagine my shock when I read verse 14:

"Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say on the Lord."

Thank you! That was the exact prescription I needed to heal my tired heart today. I love how the verse doesn't say "he will strengthen thee," it says "he will strengthen thine heart." I think the reason for that particular wording is because we only become strengthened AFTER we pass through the trial of our faith. But what a blessing it is to know, that while he may not choose to take away our burden, he can strengthen our hearts so we will have the courage and good attitudes necessary to lift it. I am so thankful that my Father in Heaven cared enough to help me through today. I know that if you have a hard day, or many hard days, he will be there for you as well. The miracle WILL happen through our faith. Sometimes we just need to wait on the Lord.


jnkeller said...

Thank you SO much for this. I was very much needing a reminder to be patient. Sometimes I think that most of my trials are patience related. I wish I'd learn my lesson.