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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT--A Monument of the Human Spirit

At Girls' Camp this past week, a speaker spoke to us about the construction of the Salt Lake Temple, which is arguably the most glorious building ever built by the saints. He compared its construction, with all its setbacks, to the building of an individual. Here is a timeline of what trials were encountered by the saints during the forty years it took to erect the temple:

February 14, 1953--ground dedicated by President Brigham Young
April 6, 1953--cornerstone laid
May, 1953--construction begins, 20-foot trenches, being dug by hand
July 1953--Utah War begins, requiring trenches to be filled back in
1858--Work on temple resumes
1858--Crack in foundation discovered. Foundation broken up and replacement begun
1858--Materials begin to be brought in by horse and cart from quarries twenty miles away
1869--Work on Transcontinental railroad dramatically slows construction as most men are away
April 6, 1892--Capstone finally laid by President Wilford Woodruff
April 6, 1893--Interior completed and temple dedicated

I am simply amazed by the fortitude of these saints. As I think of their perseverance and strength of character, I cannot help but be inspired. I have often felt like a work in progress. I have often felt so keenly the effects of setbacks in my war to lose weight, as well as in my spiritual progress. It comforts me deeply to know that if I can hang in there, get up, dust myself off, and get back to work, I can make myself into something truly truly majestic. As I picture men, chinking away at the hard granite, it occurs to me, that becoming my potential is not something that will happen right away; rather, it's a result of thousands of little choices that I make day to day. And I also realize that as I do things the Lord's way, even tearing out and rebuilding my foundation, if necessary, I become stronger. I will never look at the Salt Lake Temple the same way. To me, it stands as a testimony of what an individual can become. It is truly a monument of the human spirit and of God's love for the faithful and brave. (Photos courtesy of wikipedia.com)


kimiko said...

I like that analogy. Since our bodies are temples, that makes it even more profound.

K Walton said...

I agree. And thinking of the bodies-as-temples anoalogy, weight-loss seems to go right along with the comparison. Wow...thanks for the insight, Kimiko!