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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT-Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do

This week was a real landmark in my life's journey. I did the thing I didn't know I could do. . . I passed my Property and Casualty license exam. (I'm now a licensed insurance producer!) In case you didn't know, this test is HARD! I've been studying day and night, and boy, did I feel prepared as I headed to take the test on Monday. I felt so good as I sailed through my last simulated exam the morning of and as I crammed on the way to Salt Lake. I felt confident as I checked in, had my picture taken, and was led to my testing station. But as I started the test, and kept seeing question after question of material I hadn't studied at all, I panicked. At one point, I even started thinking, "Could they have given me the wrong test?"

At that point I said a quick prayer, and started marking the questions I didn't understand for later. And I took the test, one question at a time. It was grueling. As I got closer to the end, I remembered all my marked questions and I again became discouraged and frightened. As I started reviewing these, I again closed my eyes and said to myself simply: "Father in Heaven. Please teach me."

I was prompted to change several answers. My mind was cleared enough to recall principles I had learned during my many, many study sessions, and I was able to apply them to the situations in the story problems. And I finished the test. I clicked the "done" button, knowing I had done my very best. And guess what? I passed by 1%, a matter of just three questions.

As I thought about this unexpected, spiritual experience, I realized how much it relates to my experience here on Earth. I wonder how prepared I felt to come in the pre-existence. Did I truly know how hard life would be? Did I know what trials I would face? Have I ever even wondered: "Did I get the right test?" Perhaps. But I also know that when I need help the most, I always have someone there to guide me. . . to "teach me."

I am so thankful that I took the risk and decided to take the "test" of life. I look at all the blessings: my family, friends, and my personal growth, that I have been granted here on Earth. There is no other way I could've received so much. I pray that next time, I find myself panicked, feeling unprepared for whatever tests come my way, I will remember all the principles of the gospel, and learn to apply them to life's little "story problems." And when I need help, I will humbly pray again and again, "Heavenly Father, teach me."


Emily said...

Very neat story and nice application to life! I'm so proud of you for taking the challenge and doing this! You constantly amaze me at how much you are able to do and with your courage in doing them!

K Walton said...

Thanks Em. You're the best. :)