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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT--Dreams are Buoyant

All of us have heard the advice: "Take it one day at a time." Well, I'm here to tell you . . . it works! The last nine months since Tyler lost his job, our life has been CRAZY. Living life one day at a time has allowed me to get through it all. Every time I started panicking about schedules, job hunting, what if's and other unknowns, I had to remind myself to slow down and take it one day at a time. And it has worked well. The wonderful thing about life is that nine times out of ten, things really do take care of themselves. (Of course, I've also had TONS of help from dear family and friends).

At times though, I've wondered if I'd ever be able to look into the future and really start dreaming and planning again. Sometimes, it seemed that all of our goals and aspirations were being suffocated as we took care of the "now". We were living in crisis mode. Most days, I felt like a general, constantly strategizing and ordering the troops.

Now, as we are coming to a point where we can come up for air, I realize that our dreams have survived. Dreams have buoyancy. :)

Tyler has recently decided to go back to school. Utah State University has an extension here in town, and he is in the process of transferring his credits from Weber State University. We were so delighted to see on his transcript that he has over forty credit hours under his belt, way more than we thought. And all of his classes transferred! Woot! He is not positive yet what his major will be, but right now he is declared a Math Education major. He is also considering Business and Finance.

School does not come easily for my hubby. He has dyslexia, so studying, for him takes much longer than it would for your average Joe. He is honestly pretty scared about going back to school, but oh, how I admire his courage and dedication! Life is crazy and it's CRAZY to imagine that it's about to get CRAZIER!!! But this is a direction we both feel good about. And guess how we're planning on doing it? You guessed it . . . one day at a time.


jnkeller said...

If he does get his degree in Math Ed, tell him he can come to our school for a job. We're ALWAYS looking for math teachers!

And I think that not only is he courageous and dedicated. You are too! You are so strong! You are both amazing!

K Walton said...

Good to know! That's one reason he's looking at math ed. It seems to be a field with a lot of demand. Do you teach for the online HS in SLC? Spanish and English, right?

Juli said...

Math and Science teachers often get signing bonuses!! They are sooooo needed!!! And frankly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching, even if I don't make a lot of money. :)

K Walton said...

Juli, remind where you're working. What grade do you teach? I **heart** signing bonuses! Sadly, it will still be another 3 years or so until he's done, but the joy's in the journey, right? He'll be 35 with or without a degree, so he might as well have the degree! Thanks for the encouragement, you two!

jnkeller said...

Yes, I teach hs Spanish, Music and Health for Utah Virtual Academy. Our school teaches kids kindergarten through 12th grade throughout Utah. It's very different than teaching in a physical classroom, but I like it LOTS better.