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Thursday, July 29, 2010


TURKEY LETTUCE WRAPS (based on South Beach recipe)

**I learned to LOVE these a few years ago when I did the South Beach Diet. They are not much to look at but you'll LOVE them and so will your kids. Going without bread or even a tortilla saves you TONS of calories. Don't knock it until you try them!

Serves: 4 (two wraps per serving)
Points: 3

16 slices low fat deli-thin turkey slices
8 (1 oz.) slices Swiss cheese
8 larges leaves crisp lettuce (iceburg or Boston)
Any thinly sliced veggies you desire (I use green peppers or tomatoes)
regular or honey mustard or light Miracle Whip (optional--they are also good without)

Take each leaf of lettuce and spread with desired amount of mustard or Miracle Whip. Top with turkey slices (2 slices for each wrap), then cheese, then veggies. Tightly roll wraps and enjoy!


jnkeller said...

This looks YUMMY! I should totally do this!