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Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm turning 30 next week! I was recently reading a friend's blog where she posted a list of things she wanted to do before her 31st birthday, so this post is sort of a variation on that idea . . . (Thanks Juli!)

30 Things to Do in My 30th Year

1. Be someone's miracle
2. Read 10 classic novels
3. Dance in rain with the kids
4. Get licensed in Life and Health
5. Do donuts in the church parking lot, just like the good old times
6. Learn to French braid
7. Do a newborn session (photography)
8. Eat one zero-guilt candy bar
9. Re-read the Anne of Green Gables series
10. Start a gratitude journal
11. Give away a Book of Mormon
12. Host a fancy dinner party
13. Run a mile without stopping
14. Meet someone famous
15. Send someone an unexpected thank you note
16. Forgive someone who's hurt me
17. Play in the mud with my son (like, really, really play in the mud!)
18. Get family pictures (no more putting it off until I lose weight)
19. Laugh until I cry
20. Watch Casablanca
21. Do a three-legged race
22. Get a massage
23. Go out to lunch with my mom-in-law
24. Teach the kids a line dance (Achy Breaky Heart, anyone?)
25. Play Twister
26. Go swimming. In. A. Swimming. Suit.
27. Fill the sandbox, already!
28. Wear colored mascara in public
29. Sing "This is the Song that Never Ends" until I drive someone crazy
30. Smile big on a very hard day.

You'll probably note that most of these are not goals in the traditional sense. The main objective of this project will be for me to become more optimistic and to learn to "let my hair down" a little. I've had a hard year and I'm STILL STANDING, so I really want to just enjoy life this year. Hey, I'm going to be 30: all paths lead to my amazingly AWESOME future!


jnkeller said...

This is such a cool list of goals! Let me help you out with 6 and 7! I think you're awesome! LYLAS!

Juli said...

I do a list of 10 things for each year. I L.O.V.E it!! I think I'm in my 3rd year of it.

I ABSOLUTELY love your list! It's amazing to me what a difference our choice to be optimistic makes in our happiness, regardless of our circumstances.

K Walton said...

Nicole, I would LOVE your help with 6 and 7! Juli, I have to say, I laughed out loud when I read your goal about singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" I've been singing it to my kids ever since! I love you guys!

Tamaran said...

Man, Niccole beat me to offering to help with no. 7!

I love your list. It has got me thinking about doing a list of 30 things to do before I'm 30. I have just over a year and a month to get it done.