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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Tonight was wonderful. At dusk, after I tucked the kids in bed, I went into the backyard with a camping chair and a book. I started to read, but decided instead to just lean back and watch the clouds. It was so peaceful. I watched the clouds slowly drift, finding shapes in them, just like I used to as a kid. I listened to the crickets (they were going crazy!), and watched the tree limbs waving gently in the breeze. Sigh.

It reminded me of the verse that says: "Be still and know that I am God."

It was just so good, so needed for me to take a few minutes and just let God be God. I was blessed with a moment to appreciate the immense dome of the dark sky and watch the stars pop out one by one. It was cleansing to feel the temperature drop, degree by degree as the moon and the sun changed guard.

Many feel so small as they look up at the stars, but not me. I feel so loved. I feel watched over and protected as I stare upward. I would like to share a little poem I wrote a few years ago for a writing competition. (Honorable mention :) I hope you like it. And I hope you "get yours" this week. Remember to remember to be still this week.

by Kristen Walton

No accident of any kind, Nor result of amateur life forms
No path created by drunk cowboys On the backs of drowsy horses

The cosmos share no company with randomness
But find their beginning, and destiny

In practiced laws of God's science,
Each swirl or ball of flame

Formed precisely as was meant
By the Creator of Creations

Each star set in its realm,
As a quilter lays each seam: deliberately.

and one more. . .

By Kristen Walton

My knees greet my chest
As I hug them closely,
Perched upon the stubborn trunk,
Watching the garden nocturnally grow,

The sound of irrigation flowing
Becomes a thousand tiny symphonies,
Melodies tumbling from canal and down each row,
Perhaps my own sort of Nachtmusik,

And the woodwind section whispers
As the owl’s oboe-tone sails, joining the crickets’ strings,
Then off in the distance, thunder announces
The timpani’s big finish


jnkeller said...

I love sitting outside watching the world happen. As you say, it reminds me that God is God. I also love sitting inside watching my little one sleep and feeling the stirrings of my littlest one in my belly. What an honor it is to be mother to 2 of God's most special servants.