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Friday, June 25, 2010

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT--Book of Mormon Challenge

Again, I apologize for my streakiness in posting lately. My life is such a whirlwind of activity lately. It is mainly composed of the following five activities: Taking care of children, working, cleaning, studying, and sleeping. That's it folks. You'll notice, unfortunately, that I didn't mention scripture study in that list. Sigh. I know that during the times when I studied and meditated faithfully, my life was more simple and my heart brimmed with hope. My faith is, and will always be there, but I know that I really need to step it up in my spiritual life. I'm sure that one of the many, many lessons of this difficult year, is to teach me the importance of putting God first. Always. No matter what.

The cool thing is, that even as I recognize my failings as of late in the area of scripture study, I feel as if the Lord is trying, ever so gently to lead me back. I don't feel judged or chastised. He is truly "loving me back" by the examples of others set in my path at the precise moments I need them, lessons I hear in church, and feelings that are still so graciously allowed to penetrate my heart via the Spirit.

So, today I pledge to you and to my Heavenly Father publicly, that I am back. I will return to my studies and thirst after the gospel. I will open the volumes of scripture that invite peace to fill my life. I will seek and find. I will pour over His words EACH DAY, knowing that as I do so, He will bless my mind with clarity as I strive to find my way. He will bless my home with happiness. He will help my testimony bloom and flourish. He will guide me with love and teach me how I can turn my weaknesses into great strengths.

More specifically, I pledge that I will read the Book of Mormon start to finish again this year, completing it in time for the celebration of my Savior's birth on Christmas Day. Care to join me, anyone?


jnkeller said...

I'll join you! I definitely need to read the Book of Mormon again.

I've missed you here in the blogging world. But I have to say that I totally understand about life being a whirlwind of activity. Mine has too.

Love ya and happy reading/studying!

K Walton said...

Thanks, Nicole! There's strength in numbers, right?! Oh, and last night I figured I'll have to read 3pages a day to make it by December 24th. Day one...CHECK! (Have I ever mentioned that you are the BEST?)

jnkeller said...

YOU'RE the best! Now I know how much I'll need to read to get it all done! THANKS! :D

Tamaran said...

Ugh! I need this challenge...but it scares me, too! I'm tempted to shoot for finishing by Easter...but that doesn't really challenge me. Finishing by Christmas will be a challenge. Count me in! [and thanks for offering the motivation.]