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Thursday, April 8, 2010

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT--The Boiling Point

Tonight I attended our stake's YM/YW leadership training and it was AWESOME! Our workshop was about never giving up on the girls, even when it seems we make no difference or our efforts are going unnoticed. The discussion leader talked about the boiling point. . . at 211 degrees water is very, very hot, but not boiling. The instant water hits 212 degrees it begins to boil rapidly. She likened this to fellowshipping these young women. It might not be the twentieth or twenty-first invitation or the tenth or eleventh arm around the shoulder. But what if we gave up right there, not knowing that that twenty-third invitation or twelfth arm of fellowship would have brought her testimony to the boiling point?

I loved the comparison and immediately started wondering how I could apply the same principle to weight loss. I think I tend to give up too quickly as well. I'll have a binge one weekend and think to myself, "I've been trying for weeks and I haven't seen results. This just is never going to work." What if I could learn to hold out just a little longer? Maybe that week I would lose that fifth pound, which would give me the motivation to carry me a little further.

I hope I can believe a little more that God really does bless the persistent. As Sheri Dew's book title so eloquently explains: "If Life Were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard." Having challenges is the point. Without challenges, we would never have a reason to trust in our Savior's saving grace. We would never grow and progress. And without this "opposition in all things," we would be unable to return to our Father in Heaven.

I think I'll just keep trying a little bit longer.