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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


When I was in college, I was required to take a basic accounting course. I was not afraid of the class when I enrolled and I was sure that I would pass it without any major difficulties. Once I started to attend the lectures and began my first class assignments, however, I realized that I was in deep trouble. My teacher expected a lot from us, and she moved quickly from lesson to lesson. My assignments were long, difficult, and confusing. I had never taken a class quite like accounting, and found that many of the principles and ideas presented were foreign and obscure. After badly failing the first test, I knew that if I wished to pass the class, I would need some serious help.

I went to my teacher and spoke to her of my struggles and concern that I might fail the course if I didn't do something fast. She was kind and understanding, and offered that I might do much better if I had a personal tutor. She gave me some names, and a few phone calls later, I was studying with a wise, very patient tutor. My grades began to improve. Concepts became clearer. And I began to succeed. In fact, I miraculously pulled a decent grade in the class. Accounting was still very difficult to me, but with a tutor, and lots of hard work, I was able to get that one-on-one assistance that made all the difference.

I tell you this story as a sort of parable. For some reason, certain areas of life, for me, are extremely difficult to understand. In some subjects in God's curriculum, I might be failing the grade. I may have scored badly on some of the tests I have taken. But after counseling with the Lord, I have realized that I, too, have access to a tutor who will help clarify my mission, my role in life, and what choices I should be making each day. This tutor is the Holy Ghost.

I testify that as we live righteously, the Holy Ghost will help us in a very personal way. That is how our Father, who knows us intimately, leads us and teaches us. He wants us to succeed. His office is open to those who are struggling with the course. He is kind and good. He will listen to us. But ultimately, our success in the class depends on how hard we will work and how well we will listen to the Holy Ghost, who is trying each day to teach us what to do.