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Thursday, September 3, 2009

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT--When Faith Endures

I ran across this lovely scripture this morning, and it truly felt as if I was bumping into an old friend who I hadn't seen for years:

D&C 68:6

“Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.”

As you know, I love to take verses I've heard a million times and break them down. After dissecting this one, I have learned the following:

1. Seeking happiness in this life is not a suggestion: it is a commandment from God. We cannot fully feel the Spirit of God without a peaceful, joyful attitude.

2. Even in the turbulent times in which we live, we are commanded not to fear. I have always loved the words of the hymn, "'When Faith Endures":

I will not doubt; I will not fear,
God's love and strength are always near
His promised gift helps me to find
An inner strength and peace of mind.

I give the Father willingly
My trust, my prayers, humility
His Spirit guides; His love ensures
That fear departs when faith endures.

3. God is always, always with us. As we choose the right, He will stand by us, protecting us from harm, and upholding us as we choose to do hard things.

4. In return, we are asked to bear record of Him. As we live righteously and receive the blessings of doing so, we must recognize who blesses us, and bear testimony to others.

I bear testimony today to my blog readers, that I have been blessed. I see little evidences of His love for me all around me. I am so humbled by these blessings, and I want so dearly to make my Father proud. I am so grateful for my membership in Christ's true church, and I am recommitting today to live my life as a worthy disciple of the Savior. I testify, as always, in His name, amen.