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Monday, June 27, 2011


Yesterday was wonderfully weird. I had the opportunity to visit a ward in my stake for their ward conference. Since I had no children with me, I was able to focus deeply on the messages taught in class and in sacrament meeting. The spirit was strong, even overwhelming. I was holding back tears the entire block. These tears, not atypical for me at all, were hard to understand. They weren't necessarily tears of gratitude OR tears of despair. I'm not sure why I was so moved. Was I exhausted? Was I feeling hopeful? Was I confused? Anyway, sometimes it is good to feel touched, even if I can't explain the emotion behind it. Sometimes it is good to not be able to express myself in words; then, I find myself in the position to listen.

I came home from church with a headache. My family was still at church so the house was quiet. It was the perfect opportunity for me to take a nap. Instead, I laid in bed, my thoughts racing. I said an inward prayer that the Lord would halt my thoughts and allow me to simply "be still and know that He is God." I didn't sleep, but rested physically and emotionally for some time.

After I got up, I felt renewed, rejuvenated, and ready to face another day. I was blessed with clarity and a new resolve to choose faith. I was thinking that that is one of the wonderful things about faith and hope; they are regenerative in nature. You can be just about spent ... at your wit's end one day, then wake up full of faith and hope the next. I am thankful that my faith is a renewable resource!

Today I was reading about hope in an address by Russell M. Nelson . Here are some of the fabulous one-liners from the article:

"Passing tests of obedience requires faith and hope---constantly."

"A correlation exists between hope and gratitude."

"Counting blessings is better than recounting problems."

"Hope emanates from the Lord, and it transcends the bounds of this mortal sphere."

"A more excellent hope is mightier than a wistful wish."

"Hope, fortified by faith and charity, forges a force stronger than steel. Hope becomes an anchor to the soul. To this anchor, the faithful can cling, securely tethered to the Lord. Satan, on the other hand, would have us cast away that anchor and drift with the ebb tide of despair. If we cling to the anchor of hope, it will be our safeguard forever."

"Insufficient hope often means insufficient repentance."

"Happiness comes when scriptures are used in shaping our lives."

"If our hopes were narrowly confined only to moments in mortality, we should surely be disappointed. Our ultimate hope must be anchored to the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ."

"God sent us here to be happy and successful. Meanwhile, he also needs us."

I hope that I can, as President Howard W. Hunter exhorts, "hope a little more and despair a little less." And until I become 100% happy and 100% successful, I hope I can be available to serve the Lord. I hope I can posses faith, hope, and charity CONSTANTLY and choose faith over fear at all times.


Nicole said...

I've been absent for many different reasons, but I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful posts - this one in particular. I feel like I need more of a reminder lately to focus on the positive. :)


K Walton said...

Thanks Nicole. I understand your absence. Sometimes, we cannot do everything we want to do. We can only fit so much water in our buckets. I am planning on mailing your pictures tomorrow or Saturday, so you should have them next week! They turned out very cute. I hope you are doing well. Feel free to call me or message me if you need to talk or vent. I know having a newborn can be a very trying time. Please take care of yourself, my friend! LYLAS!!