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Friday, June 25, 2010


"Can you imagine being away from home and receiving a letter from your parents and not bothering to open it or read it? This is what happens when we don’t read these precious records. The holy scriptures are like letters from home telling us how we can draw near to our Father in Heaven. He tells us to come as we are. No one will be denied" (Ardeth G. Kapp, "The Holy Scriptures: Letters from Home," Ensign, November 1985, 93).


Sandi said...

LOVE IT!!! And I love you too! LOL, didn't want you feel left out there! Thank you for your recent posts. I, too, have been drawn back to the scripture world of reading and also the Ensign. I was so lost this last little while with everything that's been going on, and very much feel the need to start my studies up again. Thanks for this quote and your posts. I love this blog!!!

K Walton said...

Thanks, beautiful girl! I love you too! How are you doing? Is everything going ok now with the pregnancy?

Sandi said...

Though things are improving, I do have set-backs once in a while! So, not completely all better, but not as bad as when it all started! Thank you for keeping up this blog! Even the "few and far between posts" come when I need them the most! Hang in there! LYLAS!!