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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT--Hope and Desire

I have been thinking about hope lately. Before I got serious about losing weight back in January, I thought about my obesity every day ... in a bad way. I obsessed over my body, feeling ugly, unmotivated, tired, depressed, overwhelmed, etc. You get the picture. Now, even though I've lost 30 POUNDS (!), I am still quite overweight. I still wear the same size. Not many people have noticed yet that I've even lost any weight at all. So what is the difference between now and before? Now that I'm on the right track with my goals, I have HOPE. I feel an inner drive that propels me forward. I think about my body still, but now, in a good way. I appreciate my increase in energy. I like the way my pants snap easily. I love being able to go up and down the stairs with ease instead of huffing and puffing. Everything about my life is better, fresher, and more joyous. The difference stemmed from my ability to do SOMETHING about it. And that simple decision is blessing my life. Gone are the feelings of self-doubt and frustration. In their place, are feelings of optimism and brightness. Hope and fear cannot coexist. I would therefore put forth the theory that hope comes as the fruits of hard work and spiritual direction.

I thank the Lord for granting me the desire to work hard at losing weight, for giving me this body, and for guiding me as I strive to make better use of it and treat it with more kindness. I truly have hope that things will continue to get better healthwise and otherwise as I put in the hours: planning meals, working out, learning to deal with stress and cope in a healthy way. Thank you all for offering words of hope to me. I love each of you!


Kristi Smith said...

I am so touched by your sweet spirit and your ability to loose the weight. I read all your posts and it really hit home especially when you were talking about not being comfortable on the couch and the floor. The aches and pains. That is how I feel. My husband has been trying to encourage me to start loosing the weight and I really think I can. Just reading your story touched me and made me feel like I can do it to. So I WILL do this. I will continue to follow your journey and your sweet words of inspiration. The prompting of the spirit has made it clear to me to do this. So I am going to try and do it. I am tired of hating looking at photos of myself and of always feeling so ugly. Thank you so much and I look foward to hearing more of your jouney..

K Walton said...

Kristi, I am so glad you have been touched by some of the things I've written. I write about my struggles so others won't have to feel alone in theirs. In the past, I have felt so alone. The spirit is a wonderful friend, isn't it? It's nice to find something to help us just at the moment we really need it. I pray for the spirit as I continue to share my own weaknesses and experiences. Thank you for your comments. I love to hear from my blog readers ... it keeps me going and motivates me in a very meaningful way. I, too, know you WILL do this. Love ya!


jnkeller said...

I'm so excited for you that you've lost 30 pounds so far! YAY! Keep going! You can do it! (Kristi, that goes for you too! You can do it!)

Keep working at it. Those sizes will drop and you'll feel even better and better! You're amazing already. You're just adding to your perfection! :) LYLAS!

K Walton said...

Thanks Nicole! I do feel better already. Thanks for your constant encouragement!

Laura said...

Thank you for inspiring words. I love when you update your blog because it always lifts and inspires me.

K Walton said...

Thanks, Laura! And I love comments! Come back and visit often!