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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


DAY 7: What is something you never leave the house without?

Mascara! I discovered mascara my junior year in high school and it literally changed my life! I count count on one hand how many people have seen me without it since then. Yes, I wear it to Girls' Camp. Yes, I wear waterproof mascara in the pool. Yes, I wear it in my sleep. I am so crazy about my obession with mascara, that one year I wrote an ode to mascara for a writing competition. It won second place ... the female judge must have understood:

Ode to Mascara

Oh, Mascara! How do I love thee?
Let me attempt to explain:
You fluff and pump the volume
Of something rather plain.

Your little brush, your sticky goo,
You're a gift from up above,
You boost and lift and lengthen
And feel my heart with love.

I love it when you wateproof
When the movie makes me cry
I even love to scrub and scrub
At night when we say "goodbye."

So sweet Mascara, please stay with me
And never leave my side.
Please say that you'll be there for me
When I look a little fried.

I'll see you in the morning
I'll dream of you 'til then
I hope no one will see me
Until we meet again.