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Monday, March 8, 2010


I want to thank all of you who support me by faithfully following my blog and want to let you in on a new way I am challenging myself to lose weight. I have called several of my close relatives and friends, those who I think would be nothing but supportive, and asked them to participate in a "pound-for-pound" challenge. For each pound I lose, those who are participating are invited to (if they are able) donate one pound to their local food pantry. I am hoping that if I know I am helping others in this way, I will be able to "raise the bar" for myself and find the motivation I need to really get going with my weight-loss goals. If any of my followers are willing to participate, I'd love to invite you to do this with me. It's for a good cause and I will try to update you weekly on my progress. Here are a few rules I have established for myself:

* Supporters do not need to donate food to be involved. Those who are pledging to donate pound for pound, need not do so if circumstances prohibit. This is JUST FOR FUN and your participation is always OPTIONAL.

* The pounds I report will always be ORIGINAL pounds. That means if I backslide and have to play catch up, my supporters will not have to donate for those pounds.

* Those who participate, whether on my blog or from my email contact list, are hereby granted the title of AWESOME POSSUM!

Thank you all for your support! You are the BEST and I LOVE YOU!


jnkeller said...

That's such a great idea! Were we in a position to donate, we would totally do it. BUT, I completely and totally donate my love and support to you! I'll be a great cheerleader on the sidelines for you!