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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I am feeling so blessed lately.  Life isn't any easier, still full of school and craziness, but I feel as if the Lord is carrying our family for now.  I am learning that all the adversity really does spur personal growth.  I am also feeling more and more grateful for rare moments of peace.  Last week we had a family moment.  Matthew was playing on the tablet, Macey was playing with her "airplane" (a carboard box), Katie was playing with Daddy on the floor, and Kelsey was practicing her violin, and I simply sat on the couch and watched my blessings flow.  I felt heaven in my home at that moment.  I wonder how many other times heaven is within my reach.  Do I notice it?  Am I worthy of the Spirit so I can feel it more often?

As far as my weight goes, I am still struggling with turning my addiction completely over to the Lord.  I have been listening to the song "Home" by Phillip Phillips a lot lately because it describes my heart perfectly right now.  I am in new territory, daring to believe that complete dependence on the Lord's grace can heal me as I work and wait for His assistance.  He will make this new life feel like home as he changes my very nature, though the changes that I know are coming still seem so frightening and foreign to me now.  Have you heard this song?  I think it translates nicely to just about any challenge in life.  I love its reminder that I am never really alone!

Click the link below to hear this beautiful song!