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Thursday, January 13, 2011

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT--Like a Little Child

The scriptures admonish us to become like little children. I have been thinking about that this morning. I think of my own children. They are so full of love for others. They are forgiving. They live life with exuberance and zest. They love to learn. They help each other. They are submissive and (for the most part) obedient. They love to sit with me and hear my voice as I read to them. They love to spend time with each other and with Tyler and I. They love to create things with their own hands. They have so much energy. They live life with passion. They don't think of what they can't achieve, but wonder what they can do.

Am I like a little child? Do I love others as fully as my children do, or do I only see their differences and pick and choose who I will love? Do I readily and humbly forgive those who have offended me? Am I living my life with passion and excitement? My own children can hardly fall asleep at night because they just don't want to miss a single second of life. In the morning, they bounce out of bed, thrilled to face another day of adventure.

One thing about my children is that they love to learn. But they usually like to use a hands-on approach to learning. I think that's the preference for most children. Am I using a hands-on approach to learning gospel principles, helping others, serving my neighbors, and creating beauty all around me, in the same way my children experiment in and out of the classroom?

Kelsey fell down on the playground yesterday and had the wind knocked out of her. She told me about her friend, Ashley, who was there to pick her up and make sure she was ok. She was so grateful that her friend had been there to help her and comfort her. Am I there to help those around me when they fall? Do I offer them my own hand, and comfort them until they can get back on their feet?

Do I truly believe that I have a Father in Heaven and do I obey Him as a child would obey her own father? Do I spend time with Him each day? Do I have a relationship with Him as my children have a relationship with their parents. Do I love to spend time with my own brothers and sisters?

I hope I can learn more from my children. I realize that they can teach me so much about life. I am so grateful for them and for their sweetness and the examples they are to me.