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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Did you ever hear your mother or grandmother use the phrase: "Do a good turn daily?" I've been thinking those words a lot lately and I'm not quite sure why. It may have something to do about all the "Me, me, me" prayers I've been praying lately. I'm sure that at this point, it would make great spiritual sense to start thinking more of others.

I have one friend (and hero), Becky, who is battling AL Leukemia. She is a young mommy of three beautiful, sweet kiddos, and despite her physical pain and discomfort, she is always thinking of others. She faithfully posts thoughtful, spiritual, optimistic status updates on her Facebook page. Just the other day she wrote: "When trying to fight these difficult and painful days of this lousy cancer, it helps to remember the suffering my Savior did for me. I am so grateful for my Savior."

Her attitude is a much-needed reminder that the Savior loves all of us. There are so many suffering all around me, and so much I can do to help. It's truly time to "forget myself and go to work!"

Thank you Becky, for your sweetness. Thank you for reminding me of all the Savior was called upon to bear. Thank you for reminding me of all the miracles and tender mercies in my own life. And thank you for helping my heart to become softened, more willing to bear the sufferings of others. What an example you are to me!


jnkeller said...

One of my all time heroes from the scriptures is Enos when he went out and prayed. He first prayed for himself, then focused more on those around him. I think it's amazing that he would not just stop at his own needs/wants, but would pray earnestly for his friends, family and then all of his enemies.

I want to be more like him and more like you... always remembering the Lord and keeping others in mind as well. You're truly an inspiration!

K Walton said...

I love King Benjamin for the same reason. He had the opportunity to use his power and position for personal gain and adulation, but chose to teach his people about the Lord and about serving others. In fact, he served right alongside them. Love it! I love Enos too. And you, my friend, are another personal hero of mine as well! LYLAS!