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Monday, February 22, 2010


Yesterday was a great day. I am the second counselor in our Young Women's organization, so it falls on me each year to plan New Beginnings. Our program this year was centered around Joshua 1:9, which states: "Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid, doubt not, neither be dismayed, for the Lord God is with thee withersoever thou goest."

We chose to do a superhero theme for the program. I spoke to the girls about how their powers as women in the church are not so different from the powers of popular super heroes. Here are a few of the examples we discussed:

Superman is often called the "Man of Steel" because of his strength. We, as women can develop strength as we live gospel principles and have faith in adversity.

Superman also had x-ray vision. We can see right through Satan's lies and see the truth.

Many superheroes are able to run very quickly. We can quickly flee temptations when they arise.

Many superheroes can fly. As we live the values and keep the commandments, we will be able to soar, above the low worldly standards.

Spiderman is able to scale tall buildings. We have the ability to climb to great heights as we counsel with the Lord and live righteous lives.

Spiderman has his "Spidey-sense" to help him be aware of dangers. We have the gift of the Holy Ghost to warn us and protect us from spiritual dangers.

Superheroes serve and save others. Members of the church dedicate their lives to the service of their fellow-beings. They can save many by their words of testimony and by their examples.

Superheroes fight for honor and justice. By living the gospel, we stand up for what we believe in and bear testimony of what is right and good and true.

Superheroes show up just when things look the grimmest. We have been saved to live in the Latter days. We need to be women of strength now, more than ever.

Each superhero has a weakness. Superman's, for example was Kryptonite. Our adversary, Satan, is also aware of our weaknesses and will do everything in his power to use them to destroy us. We must be very cautious to avoid contact with the things that could injure or kill our spirits.


K Walton said...

P.S. Tonight I adapted this same script for FHE and the kids LOVED it! We had Super "heroes" (sub sandwiches) for dinner. They each got to wear capes while they listened to the lesson and afterward, we got to practice our superpowers.

jnkeller said...

What an awesome idea! You are so creative! And very wise. This is such a great lesson!