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Thursday, February 11, 2010


As most of you know, these last months, for me have been HARD! Hard in so many ways. . . Though I have maintained as upbeat of an attitude as possible, the reality of our financial woes and the stress of uncertainty creeps up and at times stays there with my mind, on the pillow through the night. Losing a job and learning to live on very little has caused me some pain, but surprisingly, there have also been just as many joyful moments. I am a little more patient with the children. Now that I've gone back to work, I appreciate my husband's sacrifices in providing a living so much more. I also appreciate quiet moments. I look forward to sitting on the couch, helping my daughters with their homework and reading. I love changing diapers and making dinner. I have been given the opportunity to pursue a long-time dream of starting my own photography business. I have a rewarding and challenging job in an insurance office, which has helped increase my self-confidence. And now that my husband has more time at home, his appreciation of my work as a mother has grown. The mutual understanding between us has led to greater tenderness in our relationship and a higher level of respect.

During the dark times, the moments when I am presented with the opportunity to choose faith or fear, I recite in my mind one of my favorite passages of scriptures, which is, incidentally, the YW theme this year: "Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." (Joshua 1:9)

These verses say it all. The Lord understands my confusion and fear. He knows that at times the temptation for discouragement is real. And he acknowledges that sometimes it is hard to choose a path. As my husband and I contemplate our path, it is so comforting to know that He will be with us, to guide us and buoy us, "whithersoever."

And I thank my readers for being there. How you inspire me. You help me to believe in myself and you make my day brighter. I love you all!


Melody said...

Amen! We are going through a lot if the same things. Thanks for the perspective.

Tamaran said...

Beautiful. I'm glad there have been happy times too.

My husband and I both work. The other day he thanked me for putting in a full day and then coming home and being a home-maker, too. I didn't realize he had noticed. Some days it is not an easy thing.

jnkeller said...

You are so truly amazing! Never forget that! I always look forward to reading your posts and get so excited when I see you've updated your blog. You are truly blessed with beautiful children and a wonderful husband. Just know that you're appreciated elsewhere too. Keep smilin' beautiful girl!

The Lady Girl said...

You are the sweetest!

K Walton said...

Thanks everyone~ Oh and BTW, Tamaran....CONGRATS on losing 30 pounds!!!! That's amazing! I'm so proud of you!