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Thursday, May 2, 2013

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT: Peace, Glorious Peace!

I prayed for peace the other day and I have it.  My life is beautiful.  My family is beautiful.  My Savior is aware of me.  I received a powerful confirmation of all of these facts yesterday.  It is too personal and sacred to share (at this time), but I want to express my gratitude to my loving Father.

I watched "Facing the Giants" last night, which is one of my favorite movies.  It was produced by a Baptist media company and though I am Mormon, I would certainly consider it "virtuous, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy."  It is such an uplifting and fun movie!  I can never get through it without shedding some serious tears (neither can my husband, but don't tell him I told you that).

The basic message of the movie is that we should work as hard as we can, preparing our fields for rain, preparing for God's blessings, then leave the rest up to Him.  If those blessings come, we thank Him.  If they don't come, or if it seems like our prayers are being answered in an unexpected or even an unwelcomed way, we still thank Him and praise Him.  I want to bear testimony that this principle has worked for me in my life.  It has worked time and time again.

I have seen some adversity in my life but I have tried to stand as firm as possible, with hope that by God's grace all things will work out for good for those who love Him.  And even with life's ups and downs, I have found His love to be constant, even in the times when my love for Him was not.  He cares deeply for me.  He knows my name and He takes note of my struggles.  He rejoices when I rejoice.  He cries when I cry.  He longs to have me return to Him.  He is good.  His lovingkindness is my anchor in this crazy world.  His Son is my Friend, my Brother, my Physician, my Counselor, my Savior.

I don't understand all things, but knowing that He can see the end from the beginning is enough.  All I need to do is to plant myself firmly in the center of His will.  If I am found standing with Him and for Him, I will never be alone.  Never.  Ever.

I love Him so much.  I love that He loves me.