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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT--Prayers for the Rassmussens

This week has been a doozy!  Last weekend, we had the fantastic opportunity to spend three days camping with Tyler's mom and siblings at the annual Walton family reunion.  We spent some much-needed time away from our hectic lives and reacquainted ourselves with the idea of relaxation.  It was wonderful.  On Friday we went swimming at the city pool, where the kids enjoyed going down the big slide again and again and again!  Right as we were leaving, Matthew ran, nose first, into a metal railing and managed to produce the bloodiest bloody nose I've ever seen!  When we got back to camp, he fell asleep in a camping chair, completely exhausted from his unfortunate experience.  Poor guy!  On Saturday, we broke up camp, came home and got showered and primped, then headed off to the open house for the Brigham City Temple!  I have been waiting for this moment for over two years and I have to tell you...it did not disappoint!  I was so moved, that I basically cried my way through the tour.  I was also so grateful to have my own four children with me so they could see how beautiful the temple is on the inside. I may sound biased, but I am positive that the interior of the temple is the finest, most breathtaking interior I have seen in any of the temples I have visited.  It was a blessed, blessed experience and I am counting the days until the dedication of the building.  I can't wait to go do a session, or a million!  We also had the opportunity to direct traffic in one of the shuttle parking lots for the open house for a whopping five hours in the blazing sun!  Would you be surprised if I told you that even that was a spiritual experience.  It just felt so good to be a part of the experience and to help out.  Our tiny community has been swarmed with visitors from all over the nation, and even from several different countries.  It is such an exciting time and I am so grateful to witness it!  I

Yesterday was a hard day for our family.  In the last two years, we have become dear friends with the Rasmussen family.  Our friend, Trent, has been battling cancer with all his might, and yesterday his fight ended and he returned (with honor) to his Heavenly Father's presence.  It has a been a rough day and a half.  I have such mixed emotions.  I am heartbroken for his sweet family.  He is survived by his wife, Holly, and their five children, ranging from ages three to 15.  I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the Atonement and of the eternal nature of the family.  I am also so happy for Trent.  I know that now he is free of pain and sorrow and that he is serving as a missionary on the other side.  He was such a good person and he and Holly have changed me and many others forever.  I have learned much about myself and my own priorities in life.  Tyler and I have a better marriage because of the example they have set.  Theirs is a beautiful love story...the real deal. I have been so honored to know them and have them in my life.  If you would like to read Holly's story, her blog address is www.lookingupandkneelingdown.blogspot.com..  Get a box of tissues.  I know you'll be changed forever too. 


Valerie said...

I'm so glad you got to go to the Brigham City open house. I would love to go, but it's far away and we're so busy.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It's so hard for me when I hear of good men being taken from the earth and their family when there are so many men who don't fulfill their responsibilities and are left on earth. I know our Father knows all things and has all power and I know nothing, but it is hard. I hope your friend and her children can feel much peace and love throughout this.

K Walton said...

Thanks Valerie. I really enjoyed your temple post the other day. I certainly don't want to spend eternity without seeing the Savior! I'd better get straightened up and live my life right!