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Thursday, December 2, 2010

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT--Tough Love and Lessons

Wow! You know, life is really CRAZY sometimes! This month has been chaotic to say the least. Tyler started a new second job this week that we are super excited about. He will be teaching computer aided drafting at the local community high school for about 10 hours each week. It's not much, but the pay is much better than we anticipated, so we are so grateful. Plus, teaching CAD has been his dream job since he was in high school, so this is very fulfilling for him. In addition to that, he received a small raise this week from his full-time job. It's not as big as we would've liked, but most raises have been frozen for quite some time and we're not sure anyone else is even getting raises right now, so we'll take it! And to add the the hectic pace we are living, Tyler is now officially registered for Spring Semester at our local university. Whew! I'm not sure that we're both up to the challenges ahead of us, but we are feeling cautiously optimistic that our situation may be starting an upward trend. (I have another secret, but I won't be able to tell you about that for a long, long time. The excitement is killing me! And no, I'm not expecting.)

Anyway, Tyler and I have discussed these exciting changes this week and we've decided that it is really, really neat how the Lord knows our innermost desires, sometimes even better than we do. He knew that Tyler would love this new position and planted the idea in his mind. Tyler went in to talk to the school's principal, with no inkling that there would even be an interest in his propsed program. There was no help-wanted ad. Tyler simply had an idea (fruits of the spirit) which he acted on. A week and a half later, he is working as a teacher, something he dearly loves.

I take great comfort in the fact that the Lord knows each of us this intimately. Sometimes we feel alone and forgotten, but often in those very hours when we cannot even think of taking another step into the dark, a light shines forth, showing the way.

We were reading scriptures with the kids the other day and my eight-year-old daughter made a profound observation. We were reading about Nephi's family when they were sailing toward the promised land. She mentioned that it was the wind that carried them closer to the shores of peace and safety. In her own words: "Mommy, they never would've gotten there without the wind. It's like when we have hard times. Sometimes they can make us better people."

I'm grateful for the "tough love" of my Heavenly Father. So many times during my trials, I would've loved to have been snatched from my trials and set down in a more comfortable spot. But, as I look back at the past, I see that in the most difficult times, my testimony has grown, I have learned new skills, I have become more compassionate, my humility has increased and I have been made more ready to trust in the Lord. I would never trade these lessons for a comfortable, warm "house on the hill." I know the Lord knows my thoughts and desires. He loves me and will always guide me to the lessons I need most. With that in mind, I need never fear. Only believe.


jnkeller said...

I definitely need tough love in my life sometimes. :) I probably wouldn't learn much if I didn't have it. :)

K Walton said...

I totally agree! :) LYLAS!