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Saturday, November 13, 2010

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT--Heavenly Father is Awesome

Wow. Have I ever told you that I think the gospel is awesome. And I mean awesome in the more reverent sense of the word. Tonight I headed off to the Worldwide Training Meeting, sort of expecting a somewhat boring presentation of the new church-wide handbooks. But instead, I received a spiritual feast. I bathed in personal revelation from the opening hymn. And the personal revelation applied not just to my Young Women calling, but also to little struggles at home. The restored gospel of Christ is remarkable not only for its depth and scope, but also for its simplicity.

I felt like a bad mom today. For some reason, my kiddos were uber-hyperactive today. And grouchy. And fighting with each other. Non-stop. I had a headache. I was beyond grumpy. As I left the chilies at my wonderful, amazing, soon-to-be-twinkled mom's house to be babysat, I said a prayer that my heart would be prepared for the spirit and that I would have the chance to apologize for my inappropriate anger to the kids later.

During the meeting, which was mainly about how church councils can function effectively and benefit from each member's personal thoughts and revelation, it occurred to me. . . this message translates! My family is a council! My kids are member of the council and I need to include them in the discussions. When we are facing problems, I need to ask them to suggest solutions, offer their input. I also was taught that in order for our family to move forward, improving and growing each day, the spirit will have to be present in these council meetings. Once that happens, we will have more unity as a family.

It was such a breakthrough in thinking for me. In fact, I remember thinking that I felt like I was hooked up to a spiritual computer or something, receiving a spiritual download. And the message, though a shift in past methods, was simple in nature.

And I felt so loved. Heavenly Father heard my prayer and answered me in an understandable, timely, specific way. And that is awesome.