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Saturday, November 13, 2010


I recently heard of a fun way to show gratitude. I am going to add a little "thank you" note to my blog from time to time, addressed to the person or thing I'm thankful for. I think this will be a fun exercise and I hope you will feel free to share with me what makes you feel grateful as well. Here's my first thank you note:

Dear Bloggers,

Thank you for reading my words without judging me for my weaknesses. Thank you for your tender, encouraging comments and your prayers. Thank you for your own faith. Knowing women like you makes me feel like part of a sisterhood. I feel stronger each day because of this blog and you have motivated me to pick myself up, dust off and continue in hope. I love you all!



Blondee said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life with us. :)

jnkeller said...

Thank YOU for being amazing enough to share with all of us your goals, struggles and successes. We're all rooting for you. :) LYLAS

K Walton said...

Thanks, ladies! YOU are WONDERFUL!