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Friday, February 4, 2011

FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT-Inspired and NieNie

My life lately has been AWESOME! I feel renewed, motivated, and InSPiReD like I haven't in months. On the weight loss front, I have been working SO hard ... still doing the elliptical machine six days a week, Zumba twice a week, and sticking to plan with WeightWatchers new PointsPlus system (which is amazing!) I lost ten pounds on my own before heading to WW's and since joining three weeks ago, I've lost another 11.5. Yay! I feel amazing, strong, vibrant, confident, beautiful, and hopeful. I've decided to make the 16 Principles from Alma 57-58 that I mentioned in my last FOOD FOR THE SPIRIT post, my guidelines for this battle against weight. I know I just called it a battle, but truly, I am finding a lot of joy. Who knew I could Zumba for an hour straight or do two miles of elliptical machine training? Who knew I could lose 22 pounds in six weeks? Who knew? I know now that nothing is impossible with God. And I feel him with me. I also can feel angels "round about" me as I work. I pray that God will continue to magnify my efforts and maximize my results.

I am also LOVING being an at-home mommy again. It has been an adjustment though. I think I'd forgotten how much work it is. But such blessed work. I want to share something with you that helps me remember what is means to be a mommy ... my favorite blog. I hope you'll go visit this amazing woman's website and read all about her family and about her life. She has quite the story to tell. Her perspective on motherhood reminds me of its sweetness and meaning. Here is a little quote from one of her posts. I have this passage printed and up on my refrigerator ... just to remind me to have fun with my mommyhood:

"I made dinner. It was calming. I fed my children, fulled their tummies, bathed them, combed hair, rubbed lotion on sweet fingers and cheeks. And we happily cleaned up the kitchen and then I put them in their cozy little beds. I kissed freshly brushed mouths, played their lullabies, and quietly shut the door."

Idyllic? Maybe, but believe me ... there is nothing idyllic about the adversity that Stephanie Nielson has faced in order to gain this perspective. You can visit her blog at http://www.nieniedialogues.com/ Also be sure to check out the video the LDS church made about her experience. It's called "My New Life." You can find it in the side bar on her website or search for it on YouTube. Once you meet this amazing woman, you'll fall in love with her and her family. I know she'll change your life too.